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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

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3 Feet Cycling Newsletter - June 2020

Jeff McCool | Published on 6/1/2020

3 Feet Cycling 
Monthly Newsletter

June 2020

Group ride

3 Feet Cycling group rides will kick off on Monday June 1st with Mercedes Monday brought to you by Aristocrat Motors. Again this year we will be hosting rides on Monday and Tuesday nights starting from Minsky’s at 15983 S Bradley Dr, Olathe, KS 66061. We roll out at 6:30pm

We offer 3 separate groups for you to find the right group for you.  We want to see all levels of riders to join us and enjoy riding their bike. 

“A” group averages 20+ mph on approx 28 mile route.
“B” group will average 17-20 mph on approx 24 mile route
“C” group is a no drop ride on approx 16 mile course. No drop means that there is no one left behind. We have a member join the back of the pack to ensure safety, help with any possible mechanicals and share in the enjoyment of being on the bike. 

Thursday’s we have a show-n-go gravel ride from Price Chopper at 159th & Mur-Len rolling out at 6:30pm.

Please visit our website for 2020 group ride routes. 

Please like and follow our 3 Feet Cycling Facebook Page for updates. 

Thanks to Burlingame & Mock Vision Associates for sponsoring our 3 Feet when passing yard signs. 

As part of our advocacy work in 2020 we are handing out these yard signs to help bring awareness to the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclists. 

If you are interested in getting a sign we will have them at our group rides on Monday’s and Tuesday’s or you can request one online here to put in your yard.

For event promoters if you would like to have some signs to use along your route please contact us.

3 Feet Law Yard Sign

Help us in advocating for the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist by joining the 3 Feet Cycling Club!!

Member Signup / Information

COVID 19 Crusher - KC Gravel Crushers and Ty’s Rides came up with a great way to keep people riding their bik
es while we had no racing here in Kansas City. They came up with the idea of having an ITT - Individual Time Trail to challenge people on 2 different length courses. A 29 mile course and a longer 68 mile course. 

The entry fee was a $20 gift card to a local business and you were ready to toe the line. Dave’s Bike Shop in Raymore and Bike Stop in Lees Summit both joined in the event by offering to give away a Kuat Bike Rack and a Specialized Diverge to 2 lucky winners. 

These 2 routes challenged riders of all levels and you saw many riders challenge themselves multiple times to see if they could improve their times. We have the route to the long course on our Gravel Routes page if you would missed out and want to challenge yourself. 

This proves that the gravel community is alive and well in Kansas City. 

To learn more about the Covid 19 Crusher challenge visit Ty’s Rides YouTube Channel. Thank you again to KC Gravel Crushers and Ty’s Rides for putting on this great challenge and getting everyone out riding their bikes. 

Up Coming Events

June 8th - Mercedes Monday Group Ride

June 13th Open Range Gravel Race

June 20th - Sunflower 2 Roses (S2R) Training Ride

July 6th - Mercedes Monday Group Ride
3 Feet Cycling June Gravel Challenge

For the month of June 3 Feet Cycling wants to see people step out and challenge themselves. For some it will be about speed for others it will be the distance and yet others they just want to finish. All of those are for the right reason!!!

Click to find out more details

Bike Law Corner

Sometimes A Day In The Park Is No Picnic 

Vance C. Preman 

How many times have you heard “get on a bike path” or “you should ride on a bike path because it’s safer”? Well, not so fast!
A historical reference. 25 years ago, Kansas adopted the KTCA (Kansas Torts Claim Act), which follows the Federal Tort Claim Act and sets out how you can sue the Government. 

A departure from the “King can do no wrong”. It’s full of exceptions, loopholes, barriers and time limits. KSA 75-6104 (o) carves out the recreational use exception. It states:
any claim for injuries resulting from the use of any public property intended or permitted to be used as a park, playground or open area for recreational purposes, unless the governmental entity or an employee thereof is guilty of gross and wanton negligence proximately causing such injury. 

What this means is if you are injured on a bike path and want to make a recovery, you must prove gross or wanton negligence. This has been defined as, “conduct done under the circumstances that show a realization of imminent danger to another person and a conscious and unjustifiable disregard of the danger.” A high hurdle to clear? It sure is. If you endo over a slightly raised slab or slide out due to a recent rain storm, forget it. 

We haven’t even addressed the other barrier of legal notice. If the governmental agency didn’t know of a defect, then it’s a get out of jail free card. So, if an employee of the government sets a bear trap on the path and it has been there for months and snagged ten people, you might have a claim. Tongue in cheek, of course. If a defect had been there a while and the government knew of it, you have a better standing. If the defect wasn’t obvious or there for a duration, you will not be successful The point is that a crash and injury doesn’t mean you’ll get a recovery. 

Takeaway. Know your rights. If not, contact someone who does. 

Happy Trails!

Aristocrat Motors