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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

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3 Feet Cycling is offering Dirty Kanza SAG Support for Hire

Published on 1/18/2018

Dirty Kanza SAG
3 Feet Cycling has continued to grow in the Kansas City cycling community over the last couple of years. As part of that growth we have added to our gravel and endurance team that include Dirty Kanza veterans. 

The team wanted to support the riders we have participating in the Dirty Kanza in 2018 by doing SAG Support for team members and other riders who may need support from other team across the country. The early response has been exciting with riders from as far away as Alabama and Colorado already signing up. 

Saturday Jan 13, 2018 Dirty Kanza Promotions announced the winners of the golden ticket that won a spot on the starting line June 2nd. 

You can go to our Facebook event page or DK SAG  event page at to get updates and register