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3 Feet Cycling -A Kansas City Cycling Team promoting the 3 Feet Law when passing cyclist.

3 feet - Aristocrat 2022

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June, 2022

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3 Feet Cycling is pleased to announce we will once again be offering SAG Support services in Emporia, KS June 4, 2022, supporting the 200-mile and 100-mile events. Our services include local knowledge of the course prior to race day, answering any questions you may have, drop bag services, minor mechanical services, water, soft drinks, nutrition, cooling towels and encouragement to get you to the finish line. All you need to focus on is riding your bike to the finish line and 3 Feet Cycling will take care your race day needs.
If your day doesn’t go as planned, it’s ok! One of the many 3 Feet Cycling team members will pick you up and drive you to the finish line in Emporia. Plan on bringing your phone with you and the 3 Feet Cycling SAG number will be provided during bag drop. If you have someone local that is waiting for you, we encourage you to always share your location on your phone or when the phone signal is available.
Our team members have been providing support for riders since 2016 in the Flint Hills and many have completed the 100-mile and 200-mile events along with other gravel endurance races. Our services speak for itself, and we’ve been fortunate enough to support many podium finishers in several age groups and overall winners. We continue to refine and improve our process of what we offer, and we love to support all our riders and listening to their race day stories.
Watch our team in action at Checkpoint 1 in Madison in 2018.
Rules require you to have someone available to pick you up if you abandon. Event organizers will NOT come pick you up. 3 Feet Cycling is not an official partner of Lifetime or Unbound Gravel.
Casa Amigos
6:30 PM
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Aristocrat Motors will be sponsoring the Tuesday night "Ride of the Aristocrats" at 3 Feet Cycling weekly group rides. Come and enjoy 3 Feet Cyclings A, B & C group rides then stay afterwards for drinks and food sponsored by Aristocrat Motors. Ride with the Aristocrats will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month Starting in April and running thru Sept.